I’ve had a great holiday break and now that the year is coming to a close I’m getting excited to see what 2014 will bring.  Our kids are growing up fast – my wife informed me that we’ll have to register our oldest child for kindergarten in a few weeks – and I know it’ll be a challenge to stick to our budget as we try to adapt to their ever-changing needs.

Our biggest financial hurdle next year will be to finish developing our basement without going into debt, meaning we will complete the project in stages as our budget allows for it.

We also have big plans for this blog in 2014, so stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the New Year.  We are grateful for all your support as we take Boomer & Echo to new heights.

Last week we offered to give away a copy of The Third Rail by Jim Leech and Jacquie McNish.  We are pleased to announce that the winner is Deborah McLaughlin, who commented at 11:02AM on December 21st.   Congratulations Deborah – you’ll receive the book in the mail soon.

Best of Boomer & Echo 2013 Edition

Now I’d like to take this time to highlight some of the best posts on Boomer & Echo this year.  Here are 16 of our most viewed, most talked about, most searched, and most linked to content in 2013.  Enjoy:

Most popular

More people read these four articles than any other we wrote in 2013:

Most talked about

More people commented on these four articles than any other we wrote in 2013

Most linked to

More blogs and media outlets linked to these four articles than any other we wrote in 2013

Most searched for

More people searched for and landed on these four pages than any other we wrote in 2013

Final thoughts

We’re looking forward to sharing more stories and writing more informative articles for you in 2014.  Tell us what you’d like to read about on Boomer & Echo next year and let us know which financial topics aren’t getting enough attention in the media and we’ll do our best to address them for you.

Thanks for reading!

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