Welcome to the Thirteenth Edition of the Carnival of Passive Investing.  This is our first time hosting this carnival and we would like to thank Jacob from My Personal Finance Journey for giving us the opportunity to host this edition.

The purpose of this carnival is to:

  • provide a forum to showcase articles and research in passive investing strategies (i.e. investing in ETFs, index mutual funds, etc. in such a way that one avoids employing active stock picking).  By investing with the market, investors are able to beat 70-80% of investment “professionals.”
  • create a community of passive investment bloggers to connect and share expertise.

There were nearly 40 submissions to the carnival this month, but unfortunately not many were related to the topic of passive investing.  Posts on real estate investing, actively-managed mutual fund investing, and earning passive income online were not included in this edition.

Only 11 submissions ended up making the cut.

Here are the editors picks:

Barb Friedberg presents Investing Rule 1: Know Thyself posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance, saying, “Learn why there is no all purpose asset allocation. Understand your risk tolerance and investing style before making your investing decisions.”

Jacob presents Opening and Managing a Self-Employed Individual / Solo 401(k) posted at My Personal Finance Journey, saying, “The self-employed individual 401(k) is an effective vehicle for shielding the returns of your index mutual funds and other passively managed assets. This post discusses the various steps to initiate and successfully complete the account application process.”

Jim Yih presents Model Investment Portfolios posted at Retire Happy Blog, saying, “Every portfolio should start with an allocation of assets based on your specific risk tolerance, investment objectives and time horizon.”

And here are the best of the rest:

Ken Faulkenberry presents The Art of Position Sizing to Manage Money and Risk posted at AAAMP Blog, saying, “Learn how to use position size, scaling in, and scaling out to manage risk within your asset allocation.”

Mike Piper presents Asset Allocation is Not a Goal posted at Oblivious Investor, saying, “The purpose of asset allocation is to help you fit your portfolio into the rest of your financial life — not the other way around.”

Dan Bortolotti presents An ETF Creation Story posted at Canadian Couch Potato, saying, “The Couch Potato strategy thrives on simplicity, but advanced index investors (geeks) should understand what goes on under the hood of ETFs.”

Glen Craig presents What Is An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)? posted at Free From Broke, saying, “Investors who look for broad exposures to different markets, don’t have either the time or the required expertise to pick winners and losers, and are not willing to pay too much for the benefits of an investment product, should find ETFs a very good fit.”

Canadian Capitalist presents Feeling the MER Blues? Vote With Your Wallet, saying, “It is important for Canadians to take the initiative and do the math on how much fees are costing them.”

Teacher Man presents The Smith Manoeuvre – Make Your Mortgage Tax Deductible posted at My University Money, saying, “Many of the personal finance sites I visit like to share their own financial situation in with their readers. I believe I finally have something that might stir some thought one way or another – The Smith Manoeuvre.”

Miranda Marquit presents Brokerage Review: ShareBuilder® posted at Best Rates In, saying, “If you are considering a long-term, automatic investing plan, ShareBuilder can be a good option. However, if you want something more advanced, you might need to look elsewhere.”

Tom Drake presents Starting to Invest: The Case For Being Conservative posted at Canadian Finance Blog, saying, “If I could go back in time I would have invested in low cost mutual funds instead of expensive growth funds.”

That’s it for this month’s edition of the Carnival of Passive Investing.  Bloggers, be sure to submit your passive investing posts for next month’s carnival, which will be hosted at Afford Anything.

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