“The key to good decision making is not knowledge.  It is understanding.  We are swimming in the former.  We are desperately lacking in the latter.” – Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking

Hello Boomer & Echo readers!  I’d like to introduce myself as a new contributor to this excellent financial blog.  My name is Andrew Martin and I’m a blogger in my early 30’s from Toronto.  My parents were born at the tail end of the Silent Generation although they are anything but silent!  Many of the financial lessons I’ve learned have come from them.

I’d like to thank Robb for inviting me to share my insights on personal finance and investing topics with you on a bi-weekly basis.  The quote above really registers with me because in my writing I strive to help readers understand financial topics through example.  I try not to use jargon and endless acronyms.

As an investor, I have a history of outperforming the market.  In addition to general finance and investing topics, I specialize in technology and travel.  My background is in technology and my first computer was a commodore 64.  I have also traveled extensively to some far off places.  Look for these topics to be incorporated in some of my bi-weekly posts.

I write my own financial blog called She Thinks I’m Cheap which has been up and running for a few months now.  I was having a hard time coming up with a name for the site and was brainstorming with my wife when she reminded me that I can be a bit cheap at times.  She thought this would make a good name, so here we are!  My wife is a big influence on my writing and she helps to provide a different perspective.

Some past topics I have written on include travel medical insurance, the Facebook IPO, investment analysis and ideas, renting vs buying a home, how to buy stocks, how news affects stocks, money saving tips for travelers, financial book reviews and online banking security.

Interacting with my readers is very important to me and I encourage comments and feedback.  You can also connect with me on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or drop me a line over at She Thinks I’m Cheap!


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