An investment book to help you reduce your mutual fund fees and expenses, lessen your investing risk exposure, and enhance your net portfolio earnings

This post reviews a very helpful personal investing book titled Low Cost Mutual Funds and ETFs.  This book focuses on the most important problem facing many investors today: investing costs that are excessive and unwarranted.

In addition, this book provides an easy to understand and clear overview of what works in individual investment strategies, and it gives easy to implement solutions.  With this book it’s easy to find low cost no load index mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

This book provides tables with 212 of the lowest cost mutual funds in 30 different asset classes, and it provides information on 208 of the lowest cost index exchange-traded funds in 27 separate asset classes.  These lists are screened using methods backed by academic research that are fully explained in this helpful investment book.  These index mutual fund and ETF lists give a full range of low cost no load index mutual fund and ETF choices for any investor.

This 250 page book was written and researched by Larry Russell, an experienced financial planner and advisor practicing in Pasadena, California who has degrees from Stanford (MBA), Brandeis (MA), and MIT (BS).

The problem with investments: The vast majority of individual investors are paying way too much in mutual fund fees and expenses and getting way too little in return for what they pay

Most of the investment industry simply feeds on the returns and assets of investors, charging individual investors a hefty price for its so-called professional advice, while not adding any real net value.  Individual investors are simply a profit centre for the financial services industry.

The financial industry makes the investment process unnecessarily and overly complicated by flooding the market with expensive products and services.  They provide self-interested and biased “free advice” on choosing investments, which is the most expensive “free advice” naive investors will receive in their lives.  Unless they look for ways to reduce mutual fund fees and expenses, investors are much more likely to be sold expensive investment products and services from their financial institution.

High investment fees and expenses are your real enemy as you invest your money.  The more you allow the financial services industry to take, the less you will have in retirement.  Save your assets.  It’s not necessary to play this unfair game.

With the help of this Low Cost Mutual Funds and ETFs investing book you can easily control your mutual fund fees and expenses, reduce your investment risk, and increase your total investment returns.  Cutting your investing costs to the bone is the most powerful investment strategy you have.

For decades, low cost no load mutual funds and more recently low cost index ETFs have yielded superior returns when adjusted for investment risk.  Once taxes and costs are taken into account, investors retain more of their investment returns.  In addition, investors who purchase low cost investment funds reduce investment risk, spend less effort, are not subjected to sales pressure, and save much more time.

You can invest by yourself directly, and you can likely do a better job of it.  You just need truly objective information.  To get some straight talk concerning what works with individual investing read this book.

About the no load index funds and ETFs in this investment book

This personal finance book provides lists of 212 low cost no load mutual funds and 208 low cost index ETFs in 30 and 27 separate asset classes, respectively.  These no load mutual funds and index ETFs have no marketing charges, the lowest management fees, and no sales loads.  In addition, listed funds have much lower portfolio turnover that is correlated with lower trading costs.

The listings of mutual funds and ETFs include:

  • Global, international, and US multi-, large-, mid-, and small-cap equity investment funds with low costs with value and growth equity investment funds
  • US, global, and international long-, intermediate-, and short-term corporate, government, treasury, inflation protected, and municipal fixed income investment funds with low costs
  • Real estate and money market funds with low costs

Using this book investors can select a very low cost investment portfolio which is fully diversified by investment asset class and geography.

Savings with this valuable low cost index funds and ETFs investment book

Depending upon your portfolio size, this modestly priced individual investor book would help you to save hundreds, and even thousands of dollars each year.  When you lower your total investment fees and costs by only 1 per cent of your assets per year and you own investments of $10,000, then your investment savings will be $100 per year.  If you have $50,000, you could save $500 annually.  If you have $100,000, you could save $1,000 per year.  Since the total annual investing expenses and fees paid by the typical investor are between 2 per cent and 2.5 per cent a year, most investors can realistically save as much as 2 per cent each year.  Therefore, these yearly investment savings on total fees and costs could be twice as much per year — year after year.

Some investors may say: “Sure this is what I would save, but if I pay more costs, I would receive higher investment returns.”  Sorry, but investment research simply does not support spending more.  Here are some typical research quotes out of this book:

  • “Higher bond management expenses tend just to be a deadweight loss to you.”
  • “The annual under performance of the broker-sold funds at $4.6 billion dollars is before the payment of $9.8 billion in 12b-1 fees and other distribution fees.”
  • “When the time horizon increases active investment strategies are increasingly inferior.”

If you really think you will receive superior portfolio yield by paying higher fees versus lower costs, then you really should read this valuable investing book!

Who is the author?

This investment book, by Larry Russell was authored using his in-depth knowledge of what actually works regarding individual finance and investment strategies.  He is an experienced and knowledgeable retirement financial planner in the Pasadena and Los Angeles, CA area.  His goal is “to improve investor’s knowledge and increase their ability to manage their own financial and investment affairs.”

Larry is the publisher of extensive personal finance articles on the Internet and the developer of sophisticated do-it-yourself lifetime financial planning software.  Across decades, Larry has gained extensive knowledge in investments, economics, finance, accounting, taxation, probability, statistics, software development, and web technologies. For 25 years, he worked as a manager and executive within the computer software industry at firms such as Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard.

Retiring from the computer industry in 2001, Larry began an in-depth look at the research that affected investments and finance for his own interest.  To make this financial research literature more available for individuals, during 2003, Larry started to publish investments and finance research article summaries on his longest running retirement investments education site, The Skilled Investor.  Since 2003, he has written and published in excess of 1,000 investments and personal finance postings on his six investing and personal finance websites.  A portion of this investment book was based on these web articles, and hyperlinks provided in this ebook will enable you to find Larry’s personal finance and investments websites.

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