We were recently nominated by Lily Leung at Explore for a Year to take part in the My 7 Links Project, which was started by Katie at Trip Base.  The purpose of this project is to identify seven posts that belong to each of the seven categories below, and then nominate five other blogs to do the same.

Here are the categories and my seven links:

Your most beautiful post

When you write about personal finance and investing it can be challenging to label any post as being beautiful.  Some of the best posts are the ones that get a little personal, and that’s exactly what Boomer did with The Best Laid Plans, where she describes how sometimes life doesn’t quite turn out the way we expect it to, so it’s important to have a plan B (or Z).

Your most popular post

When selecting our most popular post I couldn’t decide whether to use the post with the most comments or the post with the most page views.  In the end I decided to go with pageviews.  How I Saved Over $300 On Cable And Internet is by far our most viewed article on this blog.  It was picked up by Rob Carrick of the Globe and Mail and included in his personal finance reader.  Apparently saving money on cable is a popular topic!

Your most controversial post

After our daughter was born we decided that my wife would stay at home full time and we would become a single income family.  I wrote a post called Can You Afford Not To Stay At Home With Your Kids, which explained how it wasn’t really that difficult of a decision for us financially.  While it wasn’t really intended to imply how one should raise their children, some of the comments got pretty intense towards the end.

Your most helpful post

In Boomer’s quest to empower women everywhere to take control of their own finances and not just rely on a man to support them, she came up with 10 Ways For Women To Achieve Financial Empowerment.  As one of the comments points out, this is great advice for both women and men.  I have to admit my favorite line from that post is, “Remember, a man is not a financial plan.”

A post who’s success surprised you

I went on a bit of a rant with Things I Hate Spending Money On: Shaving and the post received more comments than any other article on our blog.  The comments sort of took on a life of their own as readers offered their tips (and instructional videos) to save money on shaving, while some of our female readers did not have much sympathy for the guys.

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Boomer has some strong opinions on the subject of Retiring Baby Boomers and weighs in on the future of health care costs and rising taxes for both baby boomers and the younger generations to follow.  This is an important topic as boomer’s start approaching retirement.

The post that you are the most proud of

Back in late December I put together a compilation of financial tips called 20 Simple Steps To Improve Your Finances, which was intended to be a guide for people to get started on their financial resolutions for the New Year.  Inspired by Pat Flynn’s challenge to write a pillar article, the result was a 2,500 word post and over 3,500 page views to date.

Blogs we nominate for 7 Links

Now we have to nominate 5 bloggers to share their 7 links:

  1. Young and Thrifty – a great financial blog for generation Y’s
  2. Canadian Finance Blog – the Canadian source for personal finance
  3. Studenomics – students can be financially responsible and have fun, too
  4. 20 and Engaged – documentation of life as a newlywed
  5. Canajun Finances – a humorous take on finance and consumerism

Thanks again to Lily for tagging us in this project, it was fun trying to find the best articles for each category.  What do you think of our post selections?

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