Welcome to the Best of Money Carnival, our first crack at carnival hosting here at Boomer & Echo.  Best of Money is arguably the toughest carnival to put together since you have to sort through over 50 well written articles to determine the top 10 posts of the week.  It’s also a great opportunity to check out articles from blogs that aren’t on our regular reading list.

Need we say more?  I didn’t think so.  Let the carnival begin!

10.  Some fun times with teaching the kids about money.  Have you tried this approach?  DGB presents Dividend Dad How I Show The Importance of Money To My 6 Year Old Son posted at The Dividend Guy Blog.

9.  My time is valuable.  No matter what I do, or how hard I work, I can never get more than my allotment.  Why would I waste it to save a fraction of what I can earn by using it in other ways?  Jason presents Time vs Money | Live Real, Now posted at Live Real, Now.

8.  See how alcohol, debt and academic success all work together in this infographic.  Kelly presents How Alcohol Affects Student Credit Card Debt and Grades posted at CreditDonkey.

7.  Will downsizing save on day-to-day and annual expenses?  A short, informal study arrives at a surprising conclusion.  Funny presents The Grass May Be Greener, but Is It Cheaper? posted at Funny about Money.

6.  In recent years, working from home has emerged as a very popular, attractive, and enticing working arrangement.  In this post, I explore the current state of the work at home phenomena and hypothesize what things might be like if a majority of the workforce worked from home.  Jacob presents What if the Entire World Worked From Home? posted at My Personal Finance Journey.

5.  Your employer doesn’t hold all the cards.  You hold at least half of them.  Control your Cash presents Where’s your loyalty? | Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense posted at Control Your Cash.

4.  If you don’t know how expensive dental work is, I have two things to say to you.  Neal Frankle presents Here’s How I Went To The Dentist And Saved $4750 on A Tooth Extraction posted at Wealth Pilgrim.

3.  My wife and I have a plan to separate our paychecks and pay for something jointly.  My coworkers think it is overly complicated, but it works perfectly for us.  Evan presents My Family’s Cash Flow Chart posted at My Journey to Millions.

2.  A lawyer turned stripper, gives us a picture of what financial desperation really looks like.  How far would you go to make ends meet?  What would be your first move?  Khaleef Crumbley presents A Lawyer Is Forced To Become A Stripper To Make Ends Meet: How Far Would You Go? posted at Faithful with a Few.

1.  Tuition fees always go up, how it’s spent is always up for debate.  Teacher Man presents Rising Tuition Fees – The Next Bubble? posted at My University Money.

Thanks to Free Money Finance for the opportunity to host the Best of Money Carnival.  Congratulations to all of the winner’s this week, and thanks to everyone who submitted an article.  The next Best of Money Carnival will be hosted by No Debt MBA.  Have a great week!

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