Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ll know that today is Black Friday – that fun shopping day where Americans (and many Canadians) trample one another to get the best deals of the holiday season.

I did the majority of my Christmas shopping online last year, not only to avoid the crowds but because the prices were reasonable and I found a better selection than I’d normally find in most stores.

To save money online, I always remember to go to Great Canadian Rebates first to see if the retailer I’m shopping at belongs to their program.  Then I can get discounts and earn cash back on all my holiday spending.

Speaking of spending, the Financial Post published a great article written by a bankruptcy trustee.  Here’s his take on spending.

For me, the key takeaway was from this quote:

“Once you realize you can be happy if you focus on what you need, you become less concerned about the car your neighbour drives or where they are going on vacation.

The “all flash no cash” crowd has taught me that appearances are meaningless.  Living at the edge of your income for the sake of appearance is stressful for you and your whole family.  It’s not where you want to be….”

Weekend Reading

Here are some more great personal finance articles for you to enjoy this weekend:

  1. Money Mamba had a great post on buying what you know
  2. Timeless Finance took Flight Centre to task over their free fly guarantee
  3. Canadian Finance Blog explained why young investors should cheer for a lost decade
  4. The Blunt Bean Counter looked at taxable employment benefits
  5. Rewards Cards Canada reviewed the Capital One Aspire Travel World MasterCard
  6. Million Dollar Journey said if you’re not retired yet, ignore the 4% withdrawal rule
  7. Retire Happy Blog asked if you’re concerned about your retirement shortfall
  8. She Thinks I’m Cheap explained how to travel long term and experience the world
  9. My University Money said not to overlook self-employment as a career option
  10. The Wealthy Turtle shared some tips for first time home buyers
  11. Canadian Budget Binder wrote about killing your mortgage in 3 easy steps
  12. My Own Advisor said foreign income reporting doesn’t need to be a foreign concept
  13. Young & Thrifty explained how she got a Dyson vacuum for $100
  14. Brighter Life’s Kevin Press reflected on his three epic money fails
  15. Michael James said if you’re not reaching your financial goals, perhaps you’ve been following from the front

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Stay safe in the malls!

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