I’ve been tinkering with the blog a lot lately, trying to find the optimal posting schedule as well as fixing some problems we were having with our site.

When we moved to a Monday, Wednesday Friday posting schedule, that meant our weekly link round-up was making up 1/3 of our content.  We want to give our readers more value, so we’re going to do a link round-up every two weeks and publish a regular post for you every other Friday.

Thanks to Tom Drake from Canadian Finance Blog, this blog is now running on the new Headway Theme.  I’m hoping this fixes the problems we’ve been having for the past few weeks, where the blog format would suddenly change to a very tiny font.  So the good news is you won’t need a magnifying glass to read this post.  If you see any problems with the website as you’re navigating around, please let me know.

Media mentions

We were in the Globe & Mail last month in a special feature sponsored by Manulife called, A family that blogs together.

Rob Carrick also linked to the excellent guest post we published on Wednesday about travel medical insurance.  Thanks to Andrew from She Thinks I’m Cheap for the post.  Andrew is currently travelling around the world with his wife, and I’m sure they took out the proper insurance coverage for their trip.

Bryan Borzykowski interviewed me for his latest MoneySense article about money saving tips for passive investors.  I’d classify myself as a dividend investor, but I’m a big fan of low cost index funds and I use the TD e-Series funds in our RESP account.

I also wanted to highlight a nice piece written by John Heinzl at the Globe & Mail – A simple way to track your dividend income.  I use a similar spreadsheet and update it whenever I make a new purchase or if there’s a dividend increase from one of my holdings.

Weekend Reading

Here are some great personal finance articles for your weekend reading:

  1. Squawkfox does a price check to see if cloth diapers are worth it
  2. AAAMP Blog explains pretty much everything you need to know about bonds
  3. Million Dollar Journey lists the four business types you can start in Canada
  4. The Blunt Bean Counter asks if you are selfish with your money and advice
  5. Control Your Cash says to let other people pay your way, if you can
  6. Financial Highway lists 5 alternatives to store-bought cleaning products
  7. Timeless Finance says index funds make good friends – banks do not
  8. Canadian Finance Blog shares 5 tips to help you reach your retirement goals
  9. Young & Thrifty explains how to get your employer to pay for school
  10. My University Money explains the hidden costs of owning a dog or cat

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Have a great weekend, everyone!

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