Navigating through today’s financial world is more complicated than it needs to be.  Gone are the days when you could count on double-digit returns from GIC’s and mutual funds.  Instead, we have exotic ETF’s, hedge funds, LIBOR scandals and derivative trading.

Rob Carrick takes aim at the latest investment lingo with the complete cynic’s guide to investing.  Some of my favourite definitions from the article include:

  • Labour-sponsored investment funds: A way to lose money on young, unproven companies as opposed to more mature businesses that are listed on stock exchanges.
  • Gold: Not edible, potable or even portable, but thought to be worth having when the world ends.
  • Due diligence: What investment industry people accuse you of not having done when their products fail you.

Speaking of investing, there’s a new site that launched last week called Excess Return.  This site is written by a half-dozen authors who are industry professionals from around the world.  Check out the site and download their free guide that will help you demystify investing.

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Weekend Reading

Here are some great personal finance articles for you to enjoy this weekend:

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  7. Free From Broke looks at the different stock market sectors – are you taking advantage?
  8. My University Money has an excellent series on student loans, applications and repayment.
  9. Young and Thrifty looks at the cost of a family cottage or cabin
  10. Canadian Capitalist questions buy term and invest the difference
  11. Rewards Cards Canada says to avoid these credit card products
  12. My Own Advisor asks how many dividend stocks are enough?
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  14. The Passive Income Earner got bank cards for his children
  15. Give Me Back My Five Bucks says you can have anything you want, but not everything

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Have a great weekend, everyone!

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