My friend Mike Heroux owns The Dividend Guy Blog and he has just released an eBook on dividend growth investing.

In my experience, most eBooks are pretty thin on content and not worth your time or money.  But this eBook is different because the author is truly an expert in the field – he’s a Certified Financial Planner and holds an MBA in Financial Services.

Mike’s a passionate dividend investor, and his eBook is packed full of useful information on how to build a solid dividend growth portfolio, when to buy and sell stocks and how many stocks to hold.  You’ll also get information on:

  • How to master the concepts of dividend growth and asset allocation, and how to receive bigger dividends with less risk;
  • Custom investing strategies considering the type of accounts (non-registered, TFSA, RRSP) and the amount you have to invest;
  • How not to get fooled by the tax guy, but instead, learn the implication of US dividend stocks in your portfolio;
  • Information on how to stop hesitating on trading your stocks, and learning the triggers to buy and sell stocks;
  • Knowledge of when to add or remove stocks and which ones to add or remove;
  • Access to a portfolio model example;
  • Information regarding how to seek both capital gains and dividend growth.

Last year Mike launched a free eBook – the complete beginner’s guide to dividend investing.  It’s been downloaded more than 15,000 times, and the feedback Mike got from readers suggested they wanted more advanced information on the subject.

That’s where this new and comprehensive eBook comes in.  Mike spent a lot of time and research putting this 116 page guide together for investors who are serious about building a portfolio of dividend growth stocks.

In fact, Mike put together two eBooks, a Canadian version and an American version.  Both are well worth the $9.99 price tag.  The books are currently available on Kindle only, and you can get your copy here:

  • Dividend Growth: Canadian Edition
  • Dividend Growth: US Edition

Weekend Reading

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Have a great weekend, everyone!

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