There has been a flurry of business activity in Canada this past month.  Empire Company, which owns the Sobeys grocery chain, swallowed up Safeway’s Canadian division – 213 stores – for $5.8 billion.

The news sent Empire’s share price up 18 percent.

Empire then decided to get out of the movie business, selling off 24 Empire Theatres locations to Cineplex for $200 million.

The telecom industry could be shaken up with the U.S. giant, Verizon, eyeing entry into Canada’s wireless market through an acquisition of Wind Mobile or Mobilicity.  Our big three teleco’s, BCE, Rogers and Telus, are small potatoes compared to Verizon, which earned $115 billion in revenue last year.

We’ll see if the government steps in to block or support this potential game changing move.

Speaking of government and regulation, the CRTC finally approved Bell’s $3 billion acquisition of Astral Media, which includes 84 radio stations and 25 specialty TV services.  This was a slightly watered-down version of Bell’s original offer proposed last Fall, which was rejected by the CRTC.

Finally, it looks like the long standing partnership between CIBC and Aeroplan is about to end in an ugly split that may see TD Bank become the new primary credit card issuer for Aeroplan.

The agreement would take effect January 1st, 2014, with TD paying $100 million and committing to purchase minimum annual miles for three years.

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Happy Canada Day weekend, everyone!

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