I’m very honoured to be judging at the Capital One Financial Education Challenge in Calgary next weekend.  The event is part of the 2013 Regional Exposition for Western Canada put on by Enactus Canada.

Post-secondary students will have the opportunity to develop products that teach others relevant financial skills.  Two winners will go on to compete at the National Exposition later this year.

Speaking of University students developing financial skills, I wanted to congratulate our friends Justin and Kyle from My University Money and Young & Thrifty on publishing their new book, More Money for Beer and Textbooks.

I work at a University and I see firsthand how poorly students are at managing their finances.  There isn’t another book out there that talks directly to students about the realities of University life.

This book will walk you through everything from how much your degree will cost, to the student loan application process, student housing options, and responsible credit card use.  The authors also give some useful tips on how to budget and, yes, how to party on the cheap.

So whether you’re a parent about to send your kid off to school, or you’re a student looking for a guide to navigate you through the financial challenges of University living, you should pick up a copy of this book.

From the major media

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From the blogs

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Have a great weekend, everyone!

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