Some terrific posts this week from fellow personal finance bloggers, here are a few to enjoy:

  1. Big Cajun Man takes a humorous look at the top 10 Dumber than Snake Mittens Financial Actions
  2. Canadian Finance Blog explains the Price to Earnings Ratio
  3. Million Dollar Journey compares the new ING THRiVE vs. PC Financial in the Battle of Free Chequing Accounts
  4. My Own Advisor asks – Could you be an Ethical Investor owning Enbridge?
  5. Canadian Couch Potato discusses short term savings strategies in Lunch is still not Free, Even if it’s Potatoes
  6. The Financial Blogger gives 3 reasons why school shows you how to be poor
  7. Money Smarts Blog lists 8 things you need to know about withdrawing money from your RESP account
  8. Young and Thrifty asks, Does that Gym Membership really do you good?

Have a great weekend!

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