Here’s a look at some interesting articles from the personal finance world this week:

Balance Junkie is back from vacation and wants to know, “Is the Market Headed for a Rollover Accident?

Canadian Couch Potato explains his methods in Choosing a Dividend ETF

Canadian Dream goes shopping in Back to School Spending

Canadian Finance Blog does a book review on The Secret to a Successful Budget

Canajun Finances offers up some great Advice to Future University Students

Enemy of Debt gives us a Perfect Example of Why You Must Have an Emergency Fund

Financial Highway asks, “Would You Rather Do What You Love, or Be Paid More?

Million Dollar Journey looks at The Downside of Owning REIT’s

The Financial Blogger takes a break from MarioKart to write, This is What I Call Passive Income

Young and Thrifty goes myth busting in, AC or Windows Down, Which One is Better for Fuel Economy?

Hope everyone enjoys the last weekend of August!

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