I don’t write much about the business of blogging on this site, but I wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to our posting schedule.  We started Boomer & Echo back in August 2010, and since then we’ve published a new post every weekday and written more than 450 articles.

Starting next week, we’re going to be scaling back and only publishing new articles three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).  This new format will allow us to work on some other projects while still delivering quality content to our readers every week.

On Moneyville this week I wrote about 3 credit card products you should avoid.  I also listed 7 easy steps to switching banks.

Now here are a few more personal finance articles from around the blogosphere this week:

  1. Canadian Finance Blog wrote about dual citizens and double taxation
  2. Bible Money Matters had an in-depth review of Mint.Com
  3. Free From Broke explained how to save money by bundling insurance policies
  4. Canadian Couch Potato compared ING’s Streetwise Fund vs. TD e-Series
  5. Financial Highway shared some last minute tax tips
  6. Million Dollar Journey explained how to use your business to pay for personal tax deductible expenses
  7. My University Money thinks ‘Till Debt Do Us Part is ridiculous and humiliating
  8. Big Cajun Man said that co-op degrees are a parent financial saviour
  9. Canadian Mortgage Trends said people fear missing the boat when it rising home prices
  10. The Blunt Bean Counter listed the top 10 accountant pet peeves

Have a great weekend everyone!

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