My daughter is almost two years old now and has been really focused on saying her ABC’s lately.  She has been particularly fixated on this one picture we have in the dining room and always wants me to point to the letters as she says them carefully.  “B-O-R-D-E-A-U-X…spells…BORDO!”, then she waves her hands in the air, claps for herself and yells, “Yes, I Did It!”

Not sure what her fixation on the wine is, but I assure you it’s just a picture 😉

Here are a few interesting articles from the personal finance world this week:

  1. Canadian Capitalist shows us Why 30-year old’s are Screwed
  2. Moolanomy takes you through How Much Money You Need To Retire?
  3. Money Smarts Blog explains How To Get Your Taxes Filed On Time
  4. Wealth Pilgrim describes how to Solve Debt Problems Without Getting Ripped Off
  5. Studenomics has some Tips For Investing In Mutual Funds
  6. Smart on Money writes about a Working Retirement: Make Money Doing What You Love
  7. Generation X Finance explains How Not To Spend Your Tax Refund
  8. The Wisdom Journal shares How To Choose A Mortgage Lender
  9. Couple Money writes about Finding The Right Bank Or Credit Union
  10. PT Money asks, Can I Refinance My Mortgage?
  11. The Passive Income Earner explains How To Screen Dividend Stocks
  12. Million Dollar Journey looks at some Top Financial Products For Canadians
  13. Canadian Finance Blog reviews Long Term Care Insurance
  14. Young and Thrifty wrote about Advanced Care Planning
  15. Balance Junkie asks How Do You Deal With Financial Stress?

We were also included in the following blog carnivals this week

Have a great weekend everyone!

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