I don’t have any clever pranks to play on our readers this morning, but we do have a pretty funny one going on today at work involving a particularly surly colleague who probably won’t be talking to us for the rest of the month after this.

We managed to snag a goofy picture of him which will be going up all over campus this morning along with a funny explanation of his bio and job description.  The poster also includes a call to action for students to submit their applications for summer work directly to him, which will no doubt fill him with rage for the next few weeks.  Should be fun, hopefully he has a good sense of humour.

Here are a few interesting articles from the personal finance world this week:

  1. Dividend Ninja wrote a great article, Will the PlayBook Save RIM?
  2. Investor Junkie wants to know Why Friends and Family are Always Asking for Free Service?
  3. Mike Holman had a great post at Moneyville on Why You Might (and might not) Need an RESP
  4. Bargaineering describes a fun game called Credit Card Roulette
  5. Young and Thrifty learned about Not Taking No For An Answer
  6. Couple Money is looking for Ways to Save on a Baby Nursery
  7. Financial Uproar has created The Ultimate Canadian Mortgage Guide
  8. Balance Junkie explains that Risk is Relative
  9. Free From Broke explains How To Teach Your Kids About Money
  10. Get Rich Slowly says The Lottery is an Investment For Fools
  11. Michael James has heard enough Nonsense About Worker Shortages
  12. Cash Money Life asks Which Type of Investor Are You?
  13. Oblivious Investor answers some Questions From New Investors
  14. The Passive Income Earner makes a TFSA Portfolio Move
  15. The Wisdom Journal has 4 Large Monthly Bills You Can Cut Today

Have a great weekend everyone!

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