It seems we can’t go a week without hearing about Canada’s impending real estate collapse.  With housing prices continuing to rise across the country, the Bank of Canada might be forced to move on interest rates sooner than they’d like in an attempt to cool the housing market.

The Bank of Canada also issued a warning to Canadians about the growing tendency of home owners to take out home equity lines of credits.  Canadians seem to be using home equity loans for two primary reasons.  They are either paying down other higher interest loans, such as credit card debt, or using the money for everyday spending.

Craig Alexander, TD Bank’s Chief Economist, released this report stating interest rates will likely rise by 0.50% as early as this Fall, followed by a pause before rising another 0.50% in early 2013.  According to the report, these rate hikes will cause a housing correction in 2013.

Is Canada due for a major real estate correction?  Can we soften the blow by gradually raising interest rates, or should we tighten lending standards to a maximum 25-year amortization and 10% down payment?

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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