This was an exciting week for us at Boomer & Echo.  We surpassed 200 RSS subscribers earlier in the week and then last night we welcomed our 1000th follower on Twitter.  We are very grateful for your support in helping us reach these milestones.

On Tuesday I wrote my introduction post over at Canadian Finance Blog, and I am very happy to announce that I will be a regular contributor on Tom’s site every second Tuesday.  Thanks for having me Tom, I’m really enjoying working with you.

Here’s a look at some interesting articles from the world of personal finance this week:

  1. Wealth Pilgrim explains What is Groupon and Why it’s Evil
  2. Financial Highway shares 30 Most Common Interview Questions and How To Answer Them
  3. Smart on Money has a Tax Preparation Check List: All The Things You’ll Need At Tax Time
  4. Cash Money Life describes What Happens If The Government Shuts Down?
  5. PT Money says, Don’t Want a Mortgage? Build and Live in a Shipping Container Home
  6. My Own Advisor says that We Can Learn Financial Tips from Guns N’ Roses
  7. Good Financial Cents tells us Some Easy Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy
  8. Big Cajun Man discusses Online Financial Services
  9. Clariity asks, Are You Really Prepared for Retirement?
  10. Money Smarts Blog looks at HSBC – Best Canadian Online Chequing Business Account With No Fees
  11. Oblivious Investor explains When To Claim Social Security Benefits (One Working Spouse)
  12. Moolanomy shows you How To Build a Good Credit History
  13. Parenting Family Money asks, Is a House Cleaning Service Worth It?
  14. Retire Happy Blog wonders, Is It Trendy To Be Frugal?
  15. Financial Uproar shares his Mini Retirement Dream

Have a great weekend everyone!

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