Things are getting busier for me at work and that means summer is winding down.  The University campus is already starting to buzz with back-to-school activities as students return to get ready for a new year.  I wanted to highlight a great contest over at My University Money where contestants can submit an article on their best tip for post-secondary students for a chance to win a $100 scholarship.  Great work guys!

Earlier this week I wrote about Understanding Your Pension Options over on Canadian Finance Blog.  There were also plenty of great articles from around the blogosphere this week:

  1. Good Financial Cents wrote about How to Find a Job in Retirement
  2. Money Smarts Blog checked out Vanguard Group’s Canadian ETF Offerings
  3. Free From Broke asked, Should You Start Your Own Business?
  4. Canadian Couch Potato had some Golden Advice That Suits Any Investor
  5. Oblivious Investor wrote about Withdrawal Rates and Early Retirement
  6. The Blunt Bean Counter gave A Baby Boomer’s View of Social Media
  7. Invest It Wisely looked at Gold versus Fiat and the Mother of All Bubbles
  8. Retire Happy Blog had some Strategies to Deal with Market Volatility
  9. Couple Money listed 15 Ways to Save on Baby Expenses
  10. The Passive Income Earner explained How to Evaluate the Benefits of Breaking Your Mortgage

Have a great weekend everyone!

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