We’re just over a week away from moving into our new house.  I think we drive by there every day to see the progress that’s been made.  I can’t even describe how excited we both are to finally move in and get settled.

This week I wrote a guest post over on Moolanomy called, Are Top Franchises Worth the Initial Investment?  Go on over and check it out.

Let’s take a look at some other interesting articles from this week in the personal finance blogosphere:

  1. The Wealthy Canadian wrote about Aeroplan vs. Air Miles: Time to Switch Things Up
  2. Canadian Finance Blog explained how to Start Thinking Like a Wealthy Person
  3. Money Smarts Blog answers Why Rebalance Your Portfolio Asset Allocation?
  4. Canadian Capitalist defends his position in Beating Up On Couch Potatoes
  5. Canadian Couch Potato also weighs in on Why Passive Investors Aren’t Really Lazy
  6. Balance Junkie responds to the Couch Potato Rebuttles
  7. Financial Highway looks at Things to Buy in August, and Things to Avoid
  8. Financial Uproar says You’re Rich, Now What?
  9. The Passive Income Earner explains Why I Sold Just Energy (JE)
  10. The Blunt Bean Counter discusses CEO Compensation: Does Anyone Deserve That Much Money?

We were also included in the following Blog Carnivals this week:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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