We have submitted a few articles to various Carnivals this week, including the Best of Credit Cards and Saving Money over at Card Wisdom, and the Carnival of Personal Finance – Check Your Math edition hosted by Prairie Eco Thrifter.  Thanks to both of you for hosting and for including our articles.

Here are a few interesting articles from the world of personal finance this week:

  1. Fabulously Broke talks about Negotiating: Why You Can Only Win When You Ask For Money
  2. Balance Junkie got some Stock Selection Advice from a reader
  3. Larry MacDonald offers 4 Alternatives To RESP’s
  4. Canadian Finance Blog advises Staying Away From Herds
  5. Million Dollar Journey is celebrating his 4 Year Anniversary
  6. Money Smarts Blog questions What Investors Hold In Their TFSA
  7. The Financial Blogger asks, Are You Ready For a Baby?
  8. Young and Thrifty has a Net Worth Update and bought a new house
  9. Big Cajun Man advises Not To Splurge after financial achievements
  10. Michael James thought that Meir Statman’s Top Ten Investing Errors hit home

One more week of work and then I’ll be on vacation for a few weeks.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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