I am officially on holidays now until January 4th, which is great because now I can get some Christmas shopping done 🙂

We have been submitting articles to various carnivals around the web this week.  My Wealth Builder hosted The Wealth Builder Carnival, and our article on Understanding Life Insurance was included.  Yes I Am Cheap hosted the Carnival of Money Stories and included our article on Extended Warranties.  The Mighty Bargain Hunter hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance and our post on The Cost of Starting a Franchise was mentioned in the round-up.

My favorite personal finance carnival is the weekly Canadian Finance Carnival over at Canadian Finance Blog.  They included our post on How To Repair Your Credit.  Thanks to all of these great carnivals for hosting and including our submissions.

As usual there were some good articles from around the personal finance world this week:

  1. Dr. Dale Rathgeber, a frequent commenter on our site, has been doing some great work over at Straight Talk Investing
  2. Young and Thrifty has some Closing Costs to Think About Before Buying Your Home
  3. Canadian Credit Cards says Bye Bye Penny, Hello Swedish Rounding?
  4. Sustainable Personal Finance talks about Giving to Charity
  5. Canadian Finance Blog asks if you are a bull or a bear When it Comes to Dividend Stocks?
  6. Big Cajun Man can’t help but rant, this time about Investor Profiles
  7. Michael James wonders if Paying Yourself First and Blowing the Rest Works?
  8. Canadian Capitalist says Interest Rates are Heading Up
  9. Money Smarts Blog is finally Switching to E-Bills and E-Statements
  10. The Passive Income Earner updates his December Passive Income

Have a great weekend everyone!

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