Although many folks have already started their Christmas Holidays, there were still some great articles from the personal finance bloggers this week.  Here are a few of my favorite posts from around the blogosphere:

  1. Money Smarts Blog talks about the TFSA December Transfer Strategy
  2. Big Cajun Man reminds us of Christmas Safety and Security
  3. Michael James on Money writes about Stress Testing a Retirement Plan
  4. Canadian Finance Blog has a great New Year’s resolution, Sell Your Crap
  5. The Financial Blogger tells us how he Runs Multiple Blogs
  6. My Own Advisor had an Interview With Derek Foster
  7. Balance Junkie says, Get Me Through December
  8. Financial Uproar is Debating the Direction of His Blog
  9. Beating The Index says that Canadian REIT’s are yours to discover
  10. The Passive Income Earner asks What Tuition are you Willing to Pay to Become an Investor?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from Boomer and Echo, we hope you enjoy your holidays!

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