Just a reminder about the Bloggers for Charity project that started last week; if you are interested in writing a guest post on this blog, please contact me here with your bid prior to December 16th.  A guest post from the winning bidder will be published here on January 17th, 2012.

Larry MacDonald wrote a piece for the Globe and Mail on How to spend on your kids and lower debt, and was kind enough to include a quote from me and a few other Canadian bloggers.  Thanks Larry!

I’ve been writing a column over at Moneyville.ca twice a week for the past month.  It’s been a great experience so far.  Check out my latest articles from earlier this week:

Now let’s take a look at some other interesting personal finance articles from this week:

  1. Rob Carrick wrote about a better way to tap home equity
  2. Canadian Couch Potato asked can the pros time the market?
  3. Money Smarts Blog looked at PC Financial PC Points at Loblaws
  4. Canadian Finance Blog asked what is contrarian investing?
  5. Retire Happy Blog asked do you need income from your investments?
  6. Couple Money said to take advantage of tax credits and deductions for couples
  7. Studenomics explains what to do after College– 7 alternatives to spending a fortune on grad school
  8. Roth IRA Blog looks at investing in rental real estate
  9. Oblivious Investor explains what to do with a windfall
  10. Young and Thrifty celebrated her two year blogiversary this week

We were also included in the following blog carnivals:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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