Tax season is right around the corner and this year we are pleased to announce that TurboTax is offering Boomer & Echo readers 10% off your tax software this year.  This special discount from TurboTax includes the full line of business and personal tax software, like TurboTax Online, which we reviewed last year.

TurboTax now offers free live 24/7 tax advice.  Buy now, and get a head start on your 2011 taxes – save 10% on TurboTax here.

Speaking of taxes, this week on Moneyville I listed 7 tax tips for families with children.  I also wrote about how to get cheap hotel rates.

Here’s a look at some other interesting personal finance articles from this week:

  1. My Own Advisor was featured in a recent Moneyville article on Tax Free Savings Account power increasing
  2. The Financial Blogger asked what are your life changing moments?
  3. The Blunt Bean Counter wrote about the balance between enjoying your life and frugality
  4. Planting Money Seeds asked are you judging others’ personal finance choices?
  5. Canadian Finance Blog wrote about perks or pay: what makes your job worth it?
  6. Retire Happy Blog asked should you keep your winners and sell your losers?
  7. Young and Thrifty discussed transitioning from the starving student budget to a real budget
  8. My University Money asked should you invest in individual stocks?
  9. Canadian Capitalist asked do penny mining stocks count as investments?
  10. Bible Money Matters explained how I ended up with a $5,000 tax bill this year

Have a great weekend everyone!

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