We have officially reached the six month anniversary of starting Boomer & Echo.  This is an important milestone for us, since the majority of blogs do not make it to this point.  Not to worry, we still have plenty more to write about and we look forward to reaching the next milestones in our journey.  In other news this week, my wife and I completed the purchase agreement to build our new house.  I will definitely keep you posted on our progress as the construction takes place over the next 4-5 months.

Here’s a look at a few of my favorite articles from the personal finance world this week:

  1. Michael James says to take Market Predictions with a grain of salt
  2. Canadian Capitalist discusses how Canadians are missing out on Government Benefits
  3. Million Dollar Journey reviews Groupon and asks if it is here to stay
  4. Beating the Index discusses the Alberta Bakken, an emerging oil play
  5. Financial Highway says you can Beat Inflation By Buying These 7 Food Staples
  6. My Own Advisor asks his fellow thirty-somethings How Much Are You Contributing This Year?
  7. Dividend Ninja discusses Risk Assessment as it relates to asset allocation
  8. Big Cajun Man gives us some Financial Football Hints after learning from the Super Bowl
  9. Canadian Finance Blog had a very interesting post on the History of the Canadian Dollar
  10. Larry MacDonald got a collection of personal finance bloggers to discuss their RRSP Strategies

We were also mentioned in the following Blog Carnivals this week:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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