It’s Family Day weekend here in Alberta, which means lots of folks will be heading out to go skiing, snowboarding, or just getting away for a short holiday.  Unfortunately I’m stuck working this weekend so no vacation for me, but this will be my last weekend of work until September, which is really nice.

Last week I was contacted by Globe and Mail reporter Dakshana Bascaramurty after she read my article on Extended Warranties, and she interviewed me about my experience at a Canadian furniture store.  On Tuesday she published her article in the Globe and Mail – Why Would You Need That Extended Warranty?

Here is a look at my favorite personal finance articles from around the blogosphere this week:

  1. Young and Thrifty gives an example of When Buying Something Expensive Can Be Worth It
  2. Canadian Capitalist says that people are Saving Big by Flying out of US Airports
  3. Big Cajun Man has some Old School Thinking about Debt
  4. Million Dollar Journey posted on the Top Canadian Stock Screeners
  5. Canadian Finance Blog shows us Why Debt-Free Living Doesn’t Help Your Credit Score
  6. Money Smarts Blog discusses the ins-and-outs of the RRSP Home Buyers Plan
  7. Michael James gives A Cautionary Tale of his own experience with the Home Buyers Plan
  8. Balance Junkie asks What’s Your Investment Personality?
  9. Broke Professionals tells us about a couple who was Addicted to Shopping
  10. Fabulously Broke asks Can You Survive on an Extreme Budget?

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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