My wife and I selected the interior colours for the new house yesterday (ok, my wife selected them and I nodded in agreement).  The plans are really coming together now and with any luck they will break ground in the next few weeks to get started.

Here’s a look at a few of my favorite articles from the personal finance blogosphere this week:

  1. Retire Happy Blog asks if High Fees in Private Banking are Worth it?
  2. The Passive Income Earner does an in-depth review of Enbridge
  3. Dividend Ninja does an Interview with Dan Bortolotti
  4. My Own Advisor just Bought Another Dull and Boring Stock
  5. Money Smarts Blog dispels the Perfect Retirement Myth
  6. Million Dollar Journey identifies some problems with Chasing Yield
  7. Financial Uproar wonders if This is the Beginning of the End for Wal-Mart?
  8. Big Cajun Man already has a Big Spending List for this summer
  9. Larry MacDonald is thinking about Diversifying into the U.S.
  10. Balance Junkie has Mixed Feelings about Passive Investing

Have a great weekend everyone!

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