Super Bowl weekend is finally upon us.  I didn’t win the Visa Super Bowl For Life contest, so I’ll have to live with watching from the comfort of my living room.  Judging from the weather in Dallas this week, that’s just fine with me.  Since I cheer for a team who’s chances of making the post-season each year are about as good as my contest winning odds, I don’t have much vested in this game.  It should be fun to watch though, and for the record I like the Packers over the Steelers 34-28.

Here’s a look at my favorite articles from the personal finance world this week:

  1. Million Dollar Journey talks about Living without a TV
  2. Canadian Capitalist is not impressed with the recent Ranting against RRSP’s
  3. Michael James asks What is your Portfolio’s Principal?
  4. Young and Thrifty explains How to Find a Good Financial Advisor
  5. Money Smarts Blog looks at Estate Planning with your TFSA
  6. My Own Advisor shares the Coles Notes version of his Retirement Plan
  7. Andrew Hallam asks if It’s Easy to Make a Fortune as a Financial Advisor?
  8. Canadian Couch Potato promises this is the last part of his Debunking Dividend Myths series
  9. Financial Uproar shows us Why Netflix won’t make Cable go away
  10. Bank Guru rounded up the Ultimate List of Finance Bloggers on Twitter

Have a great weekend everyone!

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