Earlier this week we changed hosting providers and upgraded to a new server.  I noticed the site was running really slow lately, and it seemed like we were outgrowing our shared hosting plan.

After receiving a nice mention in Rob Carrick’s personal finance reader on Tuesday, the additional traffic caused our site to crash.  That was enough for me to make the switch over to a new host and upgrade our server.  Hopefully the site is running a lot faster now and leads to an improved user experience.

On Moneyville this week I compared the 10-year performance of equity mutual funds vs. their index fund equivalents.  I also wrote about low interest rates and whether it’s best to focus on paying off debt or investing in this environment.

Here are a few more interesting personal finance articles from this week:

  1. Money Smarts Blog wondered why more people aren’t claiming the Canada Learning Bond in their RESP
  2. Free From Broke asked do you or your spouse handle the finances solely?
  3. My University Money explained what boxing taught me about personal finance
  4. PT Money looked at Suze Orman’s new pre-paid debit card
  5. Canadian Couch Potato explained why BlackRock and Claymore make good partners
  6. Krystal Yee received another fraudulent charge on her cancelled Amex card
  7. Million Dollar Journey explained why I don’t use a dividend ETF for my leveraged portfolio
  8. The Blunt Bean Counter says that understanding your personality style is the key to success
  9. Financial Highway looked at the RRSP deadline and limits this year
  10. Don’t Quit Your Day Job had an interesting post on how to define savings

Have a great weekend everyone!

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