As we approach the half way point in the month of January, I’m curious to see how those New Year’s resolutions are holding up.  When we create goals that require changes in our lifestyle they can be difficult to start, and even tougher to stick to.  If you did make goals for 2011, hopefully you have started and are staying on the right track.

As usual there were some great articles in the personal finance world this week, let’s take a look at a few of my favorites:

  1. Wealth Web Gurus tells us about some RRSP Quick Facts for 2011
  2. Money Smarts Blog answers What Age Can You Open a TFSA?
  3. Investing Thesis gives us 7 Resolutions for a Prosperous Investing Year
  4. Financial Highway has a tip for Saving Money at the Store
  5. Michael James explains Deducting Mortgage Interest on a Rental Property
  6. Passive Income Earner lists the Canadian Dividend Aristocrats for this year
  7. The Dividend Ninja says you should Max Out Your TFSA and Forget About Your RRSP
  8. Balance Junkie is busy Setting Goals for 2011
  9. Canadian Couch Potato tells us What Investors Can Learn From Entrepreneurs
  10. Larry MacDonald explains How We Can Profit From Jim Cramer

We also submitted articles to the following Carnivals last week:

Have a great weekend everyone, keep at those resolutions!

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