Winter finally arrived here in southern Alberta.  Earlier this week the temperature dipped to a chilly -50C with the wind-chill.  I’m not complaining though.  After enduring three weeks of screaming Chinook winds, I’m happy to see the return to a normal Canadian winter.

Cheap mortgage rates have been all over the news lately.  Is this a good time to refinance your mortgage?  I explored this topic on Moneyville earlier in the week.  I also wrote about three savings strategies for your TFSA.

Here’s a look at some other interesting personal finance articles from this week:

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  2. Jon Chevreau wrote four in ten still don’t know difference between RRSP and TFSA
  3. Brighter Life explained how to handle the unexpected on a fixed income
  4. Retire Happy Blog looked at what to invest in for 2012
  5. Million Dollar Journey reviewed the basics of the health spending account
  6. Canadian Couch Potato explained why we love the one we’re with
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  8. Canadian Finance Blog looked at how penny auction sites work
  9. My University Money debated paying off debt fast vs. building assets
  10. My Own Advisor reviewed the MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio

We were also included in the following blog carnivals this week:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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