As we get into the heart of RRSP season there is a lot of debate about the best ways for Canadians to save these days.  Is the RRSP still king, or should you consider maxing out your TFSA?  And what about your mortgage, shouldn’t you focus on paying that down since interest rates are due to rise soon?  The Globe and Mail had an interesting article on why RRSP’s are not a priority for young Canadians.  I’m even quoted in this article!

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Now here’s a look at some of my favorite articles from the personal finance world this week:

  1. Canadian Couch Potato continues to Debunk Dividend Myths, and this time I agreed with him
  2. Balance Junkie wants to know if Smart Metres are a Dumb Idea?
  3. Canadian Finance Blog presented 5 Big Flaws of Buy and Hold
  4. The Passive Income Earner shows you How to Track Your Asset Allocation
  5. Michael James blames the layout of the bill for nearly Underpaying Bell
  6. Money Smarts Blog reviews the TD Waterhouse discount brokerage
  7. Big Cajun Man wants to maximize rewards through Points Overlapping
  8. Young and Thrifty does a thorough Mint.Com review
  9. Financial Uproar talks about his Awkward but Productive Teenage Years
  10. Sustainable Personal Finance is saving money by Bringing Healthy Lunches from Home

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