I’m sure it was bound to happen at some point, but we had our first trip to the Emergency Room after our daughter fell and hit her head while playing at a local spray park.  The doctor gave her 3 staples to the side of head to close the wound.  Let me tell you that she handled it a lot better than mom and dad.  After a short nap she was back to her old self, ready to get into more trouble.

Even with a long weekend for both Canada and the United States and people getting into summer holiday mode, there were still some great articles worth reading from the personal finance blogosphere this week.

  1. Rob Carrick looks at Dividend Growth: The Case for Individual Stocks
  2. Young and Thrifty reveals the keys to Increase Your Net Worth
  3. Retire Happy Blog gives us some Predictions for Real Estate Prices
  4. Oblivious Investor asks Should you own Stocks in Retirement?
  5.  Rewards Cards Canada looks at Managing Rewards Cards with a Mobile App
  6. The Wisdom Journal explains How to Switch Banks in 6 Easy Steps
  7. Canadian Finance Blog debates Ethics and Investing
  8. Control Your Cash has a good rant in 9/10 of a Penny Wise and Pound Foolish
  9. Moolanomy asks Is it Ever a Good Idea to Lease a Car?
  10. Free From Broke gives us 5 New Retirement Planning Rules

Have a great weekend everyone!

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