Summer is officially here and it’s about time!  We’ve really enjoyed the nice weather and have been able to take our daughter out to the playground and to the local spray park every day this week.  I don’t know how our daughter can have so much fun running around at the spray park, yet still scream bloody murder when it’s time to rinse her hair in the bath.  Crazy kids!

We had a nice surprise yesterday when my article on How To Add Gold To Your Portfolio was included in Rob Carrick’s Personal Finance Reader yesterday.  Thanks very much for the mention Rob!

Here is a look at some other interesting articles from the personal finance blogosphere this week:

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  2. Generation X Finance says It Might Be Time to Trade-In Your Used Car
  3. Couple Money is Building Our Baby Fund
  4. Kevin Mulligan explains that One Day Your Roth IRA Will Fund Itself
  5. Bible Money Matters wrote about Dave Ramsey’s New House and Dave even left a comment.
  6. Debt Free Adventures explains How To Go Without Cell Phones
  7. Passive Income Now asks Should You Buy or Rent a Home in Your 20’s?
  8. Oblivious Investor looks at Social Security While Working: The Earnings Test
  9. Money Smarts Blog says that Better Investment Fee and Performance Disclosure Might Help
  10. Wealth Pilgrim explains How To Make Money With Your Blog

We were also included in the following blog carnivals this week:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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