Our house went on the market yesterday and we had our first showing last night, with another one scheduled for tomorrow.  Our real estate agent estimates that it will take about 44 days for our house to sell, which will actually work out fairly well for us since our new house won’t be ready until August 1st.  If we sell too quickly we’ll need to find a place to rent for a month or two, which can be difficult.  Hopefully we find a nice balance, but it’s hard not to get excited about these early showings.

Here’s a look at some interesting articles from the personal finance world this week:

  1. Million Dollar Journey published my guest post on Why a Strong Loonie Doesn’t Mean Better Prices
  2. Squawk Fox thinks that You Should Never Work For Free. Maybe.
  3. Money Smarts Blog reviewed Different Types of Canadian Financial Advisors
  4. Land Lord Rescue tells us the 11 Biggest Lies in Real Estate Investing
  5. My Own Advisor contacted TransAlta’s Investor Relations about their high dividend payout ratio
  6. Balance Junkie asks if GIC’s are a Good Substitute for Bonds?
  7. Retire Happy Blog asks if you should Give Your Kids an Allowance?
  8. Canadian Capitalist notes that Home Insurance Premiums are Increasing Sharply
  9. Financial Uproar hosted his 2nd annual Hot Personal Finance Blogger Chicks – and gave Boomer an honourable mention
  10. Canadian Finance Blog shows us How To Build Your Own Gaming Computer
  11. Give Me Back My Five Bucks has a great post, It’s Your Job But Is It Your Passion?
  12. Big Cajun Man is having a Lenten Financial Challenge

Have a great weekend everyone!

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