ETF investing is growing in popularity, but many people still aren’t familiar with this investment approach.  Luckily, our friends over at My University Money have put together an excellent, well researched guide for investors called ETF Investing – Low Maintenance and Stellar Returns.  Check out their site and download their free eBook on ETF investing.

This week on Moneyville I wrote about 3 ways for couples to handle their finances, and I looked at the pros and cons of skipping a mortgage payment.

Here are a few more interesting personal finance articles from around the blogosphere this week:

  1. Retire Happy Blog looked at moving, downsizing and simplifying in retirement
  2. Money Smarts Blog explained how to find a lost locked-in retirement account
  3. Canadian Finance Blog shared 8 tips to save money on utility bills
  4. Million Dollar Journey looked at how much does a Tim Hortons franchise cost and profit?
  5. Young and Thrifty shared her worst jobs as a teenager
  6. Free From Broke explained how mortgage amortization works
  7. Financial Highway listed 7 apps to help you with your taxes
  8. Give Me Back My Five Bucks explained how to protect your finances during a break-up
  9. Bible Money Matters shared smart steps for spring cleaning your finances
  10. Canadian Personal Finance shared an infographic on the financial planning career and education

Have a great weekend everyone!

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