Last week I posted a review of Findependence Day, the personal finance novel by Jonathan Chevreau.  We are giving away a copy of the book to one lucky reader – and the winner is Allie!

RRSP season came and went, and now our attention turns to tax season.  If you haven’t picked up your tax software this year, here’s a link to receive 10% off TurboTax products.

This week on Moneyville I wrote about how some fee credit cards can help with debt, and I also explained why I passed on mortgage life insurance.

Here’s a few more interesting personal finance articles from this week:

  1. Passive Income Earner wants you to define your emergency fund road map
  2. Young and Thrifty asks what’s your travel style?
  3. Retire Happy Blog shares the difference between a financial advisor and a sales person
  4. The Blunt Bean Counter asks is it morbid to plan for an inheritance?
  5. Michael James asks if Berkshire Hathaway can be part of an index strategy?
  6. Million Dollar Journey looks at some scams of the modern world
  7. Planting Money Seeds says there is no magic solution to fix your finances
  8. Canadian Couch Potato shares a new way to sidestep currency conversion costs
  9. Canadian Finance Blog asks does EI inhibit the overall economy?
  10. Financial Highway says if you missed this year’s RRSP deadline, avoid it next year

We were also included in the following blog carnivals this week:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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