The Bank of Canada held its key lending rate at 1% for the 12th consecutive time since September 2010.  Economists are predicting that interest rates will remain at historically low levels until well into 2013.  Cheap borrowing costs – especially for mortgages – have led to record high consumer debt levels.

Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney has repeatedly urged Canadians not to borrow beyond their needs, as interest rates will eventually rise again.  Meanwhile, Bank of Montreal dropped their mortgage rates to 2.99% on 5-year fixed mortgages, and 3.99% on 10-year fixed mortgages.  Something tells me that Canadians won’t be curbing their enthusiasm for borrowing any time soon.

On Moneyville this week, I wrote about market-linked GICs.  I also explained why I’m using a tax accountant this year.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

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