I read a very interesting post on The Grid this week called the rise of premature affluence.  The story explores the reasons why the face of debt is getting younger these days, especially in cities like Toronto.  The term “premature affluence” comes from the tendency of twenty and thirty-something’s to lead a lifestyle they feel they deserve, rather than the one they can afford.

The expectation is that their income will eventually catch up to their spending and everything will be fine.  One of the more telling quotes from the article came from a twenty-something woman who said, “Why do you need to save money, when you can buy everything you want right now?”

Do you think that most people in their 20’s and 30’s are living this way?

This week on Moneyville I shared our $100 a month RESP plan, and looked at cash back credit cards – my top choice.

Here are a few more interesting personal finance articles from around the blogosphere this week:

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We were also included in the following blog carnivals this week:

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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