Thanksgiving has to be my favourite American holiday (sorry, Independence Day).  I love the tradition and excitement of this holiday, which is definitely felt all the way up here in Canada.  We didn’t have a turkey last night, but we did have a big dinner and I got to watch a couple of football games.  It feels like we got to celebrate two Thanksgivings in six weeks, but this time without the long weekend.  I’ll have to take the Thursday/Friday off work next year to really get in the spirit.

Today is Black Friday in the U.S., and many Canadian retailers are also getting in on the action.  If you’re looking to do some shopping this weekend, check out the Great Canadian Rebates and Red Flag Deals websites.

I continued my Moneyville column with two new articles this week:

  • I tripled my life insurance.  Is it enough?
  • Here’s a better way to budget

Now let’s take a look at some other interesting articles from the personal finance world this week:

  1. Krantcents wrote about planning for your next career
  2. Financial Uproar took a behind the scenes look at Dragon’s Den
  3. Money Smarts Blog released the 2nd edition of The RESP Book
  4. My University Money wrote about the power of Rate My Prof
  5. Canadian Couch Potato looked at how to pick last year’s winners
  6. My Own Advisor got a new cash back credit card
  7. Canadian Finance Blog wondered if live sports are worth the cost?
  8. Andrew Hallam looked at the 8 year Canadian investor’s itch
  9. Million Dollar Journey asked if it’s possible to earn $90,000 by the age of 30?
  10. Krystal Yee is giving away $500 towards your financial bucket list

Have a great weekend everyone!

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