This week on Boomer & Echo I continued to go through the initial process of upgrading our house, and I wondered if an old rule of thumb regarding house prices was still realistic today.  Boomer reflected about lessons she wished she learned earlier in life, and wrote about mutual fund investing.

There were also some very interesting and diverse articles around the personal finance websites this week.  Here’s a look at some of my favorite posts:

  1. Squawkfox shows us how to start an emergency fund on any budget
  2. The Passive Income Earner shares a book review of The Skeptical Investor
  3. Balance Junkie asks, what is a balanced portfolio?
  4. Larry MacDonald describes an overlooked dividend stock: The TMX Group
  5. Wealthy Boomer tells us where the rich can go when they need a loan
  6. The Financial Blogger asks, are you financially insecure?
  7. Big Cajun Man rants about the cost of cheques
  8. Financial Highway wants to know if you will have a frugal holiday season
  9. Canadian Capitalist discusses the price war among discount brokers
  10. Rob Carrick says it’s time to ease into stocks

Have a great weekend everyone!

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