Last week I had the opportunity to publish an interview with Mike Holman, author of The RESP Book.  Mike was kind enough to offer a free copy of his book to one of our readers.  The contest closed on Wednesday, and after compiling all of the entries I have randomly selected Michael C as the winner of the book.  Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and congratulations to Michael!

It seems like I’ve been writing all over the place lately.  Last Friday I had a guest post over at Give Me Back My Five Bucks called, the road to success is paved with luck.  Then on Tuesday I had my second article published at Moneyville about how to cut your debit card fees.  I also had my regular bi-weekly post on Canadian Finance Blog asking, what is your tipping policy?

Now let’s take a look at a few other interesting articles from around the blogosphere:

  1. Studenomics released a guide on how to completely conquer credit
  2. Smart on Money shares 4 crucial tips to help you save for your next car purchase
  3. Roth IRA lists the top 7 strangest ETF’s
  4. Couple Money asks how do you measure up financially?
  5. Money Smarts Blog compares long distance voice plan vs. Skype with roaming data plan
  6. Oblivious Investor looks at ETF’s vs. Index funds (revisited)
  7. Stupid Cents shows how to create a personal budget
  8. Don’t Quit Your Day Job asks should art and psychology majors pay higher student loan rates?
  9. Young and Thrifty wonders if generation Y is screwed
  10. The Wealthy Canadian looks into investing in what you consume

Have a great weekend everyone!

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