We are wrapping up our third month since starting the Boomer & Echo website.  Overall we are happy with how things are going so far and are looking forward to what the next three months will bring.  I was featured in a Me & My Money article earlier in the month (look for one on Boomer coming soon).  Here’s a look at a few of our most popular articles since we got started:

Boomer’s Top 5

  1. 10 Big Wastes Of Money
  2. Women And Finances
  3. Asset Allocation
  4. Hobbies Are Expensive
  5. The Risk Of Inflation

Echo’s Top 5

  1. The Cost Of Starting A Franchise
  2. Dividend Growth Investing
  3. Auto Insurance: 10 Tips To Save Money
  4. Can You Afford Not To Stay Home With Your Kids?
  5. How I Redeem My Airmiles Rewards

Don’t miss another one of our posts, subscribe to updates for free using your favorite RSS Reader.  And you can also follow us on Twitter.  Now on with the links from around the personal finance world:

  1. Balance Junkie is getting Mixed Messages from TD Bank
  2. Larry McDonald’s Central Vacuum Odyssey is Finally Over
  3. Canadian Dream asks What if My Spouse Wasn’t On Board?
  4. Canadian Finance Blog shares some good tips in Avoiding Financial Disaster
  5. Big Cajun Man doesn’t like Banking on Sunday
  6. Million Dollar Journey has Wealth Building Tips for New Graduates
  7. Preet Banerjee looks at Variable vs. Fixed Rate Mortgages
  8. Money Smarts Blog unveils his Canadian Discount Brokerage Comparison
  9. My Own Advisor has an update of his Dividend Income
  10. Young and Thrifty gives us Dividends Explained

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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