As I mentioned this week in early house hunting, I will be going to the bank this weekend to discuss finances in regards to our upcoming new house build.  We are excited to take the first steps towards the building process and will definitely keep you posted on our progress.

On with the links from this week in personal finance:

  1. Rob Carrick discusses the best rewards credit cards and it looks like Aeroplan offers the best value
  2. Big Cajun Man found some odd new services on his cell phone bill this month.  He called it a Bloop Blop 🙂
  3. Canadian Finance Blog asks, Do You DIY?  Smart strategy, but I think some things are best left to professionals
  4. Preet Banerjee writes about holding your mortgage inside your RRSP in Should you be your own mortgage lender?
  5. Jonathan Chevreau says that Canadian Financial Planners are mulling a ban on commissions
  6. Jim Yih has some advice for boomers who are not ready for retirement
  7. Million Dollar Journey had a guest post on the Canadian Apartment Investment Conference – REIT Executive Panel
  8. Balance Junkie updates her 2010 Financial Plan for Q3.  The mortgage is within striking distance.
  9. My Own Advisor draws interesting parallels between Personal Finance and Small Business
  10. Larry MacDonald reviews The Great Reflation, which suggests caution on commodities over the long term

Happy Thanksgiving and have a great weekend!

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