With summer coming to an end and kids heading back to school, of course there were a lot of interesting personal finance articles written about back-to-school shopping, money saving tips, RESP’s, and student living expenses.

Boomer and I had some fun revisiting our rental property venture from back in my University days.  Check out Boomer’s take on buying a house for your child as well as Echo’s thoughts on developing your child’s money management skills by having them act as the landlord in your rental property.

Here are some other worthwhile personal finance articles from the past week:

  1. Preet Banerjee has a few exciting announcements, one of which is that he’s now writing a column for the Globe and Mail.  Check out his first article, Don’t let schools teach your kids to gamble.
  2. The Financial Blogger asks, Who do you write for?
  3. Squawkfox sounds off on The real reason you’re broke.
  4. Jonathan Chevreau has A cure for pension envy.
  5. Financial Cents called out Derek Foster, and he called back…sort of.
  6. Money Smarts Blog advises us Not to choose investments because of tax breaks.
  7. Miranda on Financial Highway has an interesting dilemma in Working From Home: Paying for Childcare
  8. Big Cajun Man thinks it is Better to be secure than to feel secure.  I tend to agree!
  9. Jim on Canadian Finance Blog advises against Setting up In-Trust Accounts for the Grandchildren.
  10. Dave on Canadian Dream discusses Parents and Retirement Planning

Enjoy the reading and have a great weekend!

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