First off, I just wanted to mention a couple of new carnivals out there that are focusing on Canadian content.

Thanks to Arjun at InvestingThesis for hosting the 5th edition of the Canadian Personal Finance and Investing Carnival.

And Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog has started a new weekly carnival featuring content relevant to all Canadians.  Check it out here.

Here is a round-up of some of my favorite articles from the personal finance world this week:

  1. Balance Junkie preps us for change in Welcome to the Post Consumerism Era
  2. Canadian Dream will show you how to avoid a big surprise in Two Jobs and Your Tax Bill
  3. Canadian Finance Blog offers up 10 Tips to reduce your cell phone bill
  4. Canajun Finances gives some good advice in New Kids and Money
  5. Financial Highway says you should Stop Pretending to be Rich
  6. Michael James comments on the recent survey that More Than Half of Canadians Live Hand to Mouth
  7. Money Smarts Blog shows you How to Determine the Value of a House Renovation
  8. My Own Advisor thinks his RioCan purchase was a good move
  9. The Passive Income Earner’s dividends keep chugging along in Passive Income Update
  10. Young and Thrifty says that the next time you rent a car, Don’t Get Rental Insurance

Have a great weekend everyone!

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