Thanks to Investor Junkie for hosting Carnival of Personal Finance #275: School House Rock Edition.  My article was included – Can you afford not to stay at home with your kids? and my favorite article from the Carnival was Financial Management for Newlyweds from My Dollar Plan.

Also thanks to Tom for hosting Canadian Finance Carnival #2.  Boomer’s article on Women and Finances was included, along with a great selection of Canadian content.

Here is a look at some interesting articles from the world of personal finance this week:

  1. The Passive Income Earner is fed up with bank fees, and opened an ING account.
  2. Wealthy Web Gurus asks Should you take CPP early with new changes coming?
  3. Investing Thesis interviews Jeff Pierce, Professional Stock Trader
  4. Balance Junkie has some Investment Strategies for Biflation
  5. Canadian Couch Potato has More Fun with the TD e-series Funds
  6. The Financial Blogger wonders Which Jobs would you choose if you were a Millionaire?
  7. Canadian Capitalist says that Energy Savings are often Exaggerated
  8. Million Dollar Journey has an interesting poll on Income and Savings rates
  9. Canajun Finances is shocked by RV’s and the Price of Things
  10. Young and Thrifty decodes Real Estate Agent Commissions

Have a great weekend!

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