The Bank of Canada met this week and held their key interest rate at 1.00% while giving a strong indication that interest rate hikes would be put on hold for at least another 12 months.  It wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for the economy, but the announcement was welcome news for home owners who chose to go with a variable rate mortgage.

Speaking of mortgages, my post on Why I Don’t Use A Mortgage Broker created a bit of a stir, both in the comments section of that post and around the blogosphere.  In response, Rob McLister from Canadian Mortgage Trends published this rebuttal which countered some of my points.

Check out the article I wrote earlier this week on Canadian Finance Blog about my experience with Extended Warranties on a TV.  Anyone else annoyed by that sales tactic?

Here are a few more interesting articles from the world of personal finance this week:

  1. Financial Uproar felt a bit short changed on his favourite ice cream treat
  2. Money Smarts Blog was equally disappointed in his favourite beer and its new packaging
  3. Oblivious Investor asks, who is your money for?
  4. Retire Happy Blog looks at developing financial routines for financial success
  5. My Own Advisor shares some examples of millionaire minimalists
  6. The Wealthy Canadian lists 10 things about millionaires you probably didn’t know
  7. Give Me Back My Five Bucks looks at the MBNA Smart Cash MasterCard
  8. Big Cajun Man shares some back to school reminders for your RESP
  9. Free From Broke explains different types of disaster insurance
  10. Andrew Hallam looks at what to do when you’re financially failing

Have a great weekend everyone!


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